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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 24, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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stunned about the report of a mentally disabled man. firefighters discovered a woman's body ablaze in san francisco. tonight, the new efforts to reprize the industry. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is monday, january 24. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. neighbors say it is just not right and police are investigating a disturbing report of a group of teens taunting a disabled man and throwing stones at him. jana katsuyama is live. >> reporter: the family said they heard the man scream and
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they saw him surrounded by some teenage boys and when they came out of the apartment they saw the boys riding bicycles off down the street. >> i cannot believe that this happened. >> reporter: she usually sees the man sitting on a ledge or walking outside the apartment complex. >> he always helps me with my son and he is a very loving person. people are so cruel nowadays. >> reporter: family and friends say the victim is mentally disabled. we met him and his father today but they did not want to talk on camera. >> a group of males were around her brother on the ground kicking him into the van off, throwing rocks. >> reporter: investigators say the family is from afghanistan and there are language barriers
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and the victim cannot speech. neighbors say they do know kids have made fun of the man. >> they throw rocks and make fun of him and think that he is scary but he is really a great person. >> reporter: descriptions are limited and police say they are young black males and neighbors here say they want those suspects found and prosecuted. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. the mother of a kidnapped 4- year-old boy is making an emotional plea. >> just bring the boys back home and everything will be okay. we will be behind. >> josi rodriguez is accused of snatching the boy one week ago.
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they sheriff's department has been searching the delta mendota canal saying that a farmworker saw a car plunge into the water they are but the mother says she is not given up hope that her son is still alive. >> somebody is hiding them out and they need to be looking into streets and alleys and all of these towns around here. >> a search of the canal was called off yesterday and is expected to resume tomorrow morning. the search of a fisherman in the delta has been suspended. they are looking for 51-year- old carrie lee of san francisco. his boat was found attract saturday afternoon. >> san francisco police say surveillance video may provide clues to the death of a woman who was found this morning and
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a burning car. a neighbor captured video of the planes. >> reporter: fire crews found a car engulfed by flames. >> i heard the horn from the car going off. >> reporter: this man lives across the street and he rushed outside and took pictures with his cell phone. >> at that point the flames were above our heads. >> reporter: there was a body of a woman inside. >> we are working together to determine if that he what happened. >> reporter: they remove the entire car with a flatbed truck and is all enfolded off webster on a side street. >> a murder over there a half block away and then a murder here. >> reporter: this woman has noticed a spike in crime. >> i walk my daughter down here
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every day to get to school and i do not want to have to worry about my 9-year-old in caused by her. >> a young boy found a gun and got shot in the inside. >> reporter: she says the boy shot himself by accident yesterday and just the day before a man broke into an apartment and attacked a man. a candle now sits in memory of a woman who was killed here and there have been two community meetings on safety within the past couple weeks and now they expect there will be more. back now to san jose were an emergency meeting gets underway. there have been nine homicides in san jose so far this year including a gang-related killing on friday. the meeting is hosted by police
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and they hoped to hear some new ideas from residence to prevent future violence. two teenagers accused of killing a el cerrito high school student pleaded not guilty today. he was gunned down on january 10th and tightly sprinkling is -- john franklin is accused of firing a shot. a federal grant funded nine new positions and outreach workers will be paired up with police officers. the idea is to approach children on the streets and get them back into school or job training programs. pg&e crews make fast work this afternoon. it happened just after 3:00 today. san jose fire captain say the evacuations were ordered and traffic was detoured in the
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area, but not for long. all residents were allowed back home. residents will keep vigil at the series of gas pipeline explosions in ohio. a pipeline exploded today blowing up a house, no one was hurt. there is a wrecking analysis of the pipeline explosion in san bruno. he tells us the six-year-old wells and pipeline made it a ticking time bomb and cause the well's shoddy and incomplete. >> they knew the walls were not good at the time they made them. >> state regulators will meet on thursday and will request reports on all pipelines in the pg&e system. public works crews plan to close the highway tomorrow to be moved to dean sam from ocean
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beach starting at 9:00 a.m. they had scheduled to start their work today, but the equipment did not arrive on time. and out to be northbay were work began to cut down more than 100 trees. the crews are making the move for a shell lanes of traffic and plan to create an extra fourth lane. the project is expected to begin this summer and should take about 18 months to complete. immigrant advocates say a new anti-crime measure is casting too wide a net. secure communities is a federal program that uses fingerprints to track immigrants wanted for criminal offenses but federal officials say the system has rounded up 30,000 offenders but a bay area lawyer says at least
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two dozen victims of domestic violence now face deportation. >> one in sacramento and one in san francisco because the police were not sure who was the abuser and who was the victim and both of those clients are in removal proceedings. >> the san francisco chef opposes the policy saying it discourages immigrants from cooperating with police. jared loughner appeared in court today. dave said loughners sat silently and smiled throughout the court proceeding today. he is accused of the january 8 shooting that killed six people and injured more than a dozen. he is due back in court in march. in the meantime giffords office says her husband mark kelly will not travel to washington dc to attend the state of the union address and
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will stay at giffords bedside in houston. others that were affected will attend the address including the intern that helped save giffords life and the family of christina taylor green. this state of the union address will be live on ktvu and on our website at changes already underway underway at moscow's airports. new and a smidge for producers to use p1 as a backdrop for films. it is called a win-win deal of. some neighborhoods were warned to 70 degrees tomorrow and a change expected by the weekend.
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>> the carnival cruise ship that took passengers on a disastrous voyage late last year is at the doc today for repair and will undergo renovation after an engine fire knocked out power to the ship. san francisco has the only dry dock on the west coast that can accommodate a cruise ship of its size. city officials say new technology could save thousands of dollars. it enables lights to dim by 50%. the brightness of the light is controlled by computer. city leaders say the technology has the potential to save taxpayers $800,000 a year. authorities in russia are calling a deadly explosion today a suicide bombing could at least 35 people are dead and 150 people are wounded and
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matthew chance found out what the bomber did to make it even more deadly. >> reporter: a bomb detonated inside of russia's domodedovo airport and it appears to have been a terrorist act. the russian president called for added security at all of moscow's airports and announced an emergency meeting of security chiefs be he also expressed condolences for the victims and their families. >> we need to make sure that all those who suffered at the required support. >> reporter: the explosion occurred in the crowded entrance area of the international arrivals terminal and russian television says the suicide bomber attacked a homemade device containing metal objects to make it that much more deadly. white house press secretary robbery gets delivered a
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statement from president obama condemning the attacks. >> michelle and i offer our deepest condolences. we share your sorrow and resolve to stand with you. >> reporter: this domodedovo airport is close to international arrivals and departing flights are said to be operating normally. matthew chance, moscow. intel has said its board has authorized the company to buy back $10 million in stock and they ended the day at about $21 a share. the latest buyback brings a total set aside for sheer repurchases $247 million. the dow industrial traded near a threshold not seen for years and the nasdaq closed at 28.
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in the south bay people squared off to mark the 30th anniversary of the roe v. wade supreme court decision. in a peaceful clash of ideals, activists marched through the streets and parishioners attended a pro-life mass and then went to a prayer rally. as they left, advocates of reproductive choice arrived. a california surfer is still in critical condition tonight. we had a video that shows the very moment that you was paddling out and the wave crashes right -- that he was paddling out in the wave crashes right on top of him and a photographer helped him to shore. he had reportedly served at
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maverick once before. oprah winfrey a guilty secret today. it turns out winfrey had a half- sister. she introduced her viewers to her newfound sibling on her talk show today. when these mother gave up patricia -- winfrey's mother gave up patricia production and last year she tracked down the family and dna tests confirm the relationship. san francisco would like to see more of hollywood's bright lights and john sasaki tells us more. >> reporter: with the legendary movie bullet in its history the group has rallied a group of
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hotels and vendors to offer discounts of 10, 20, and 25% to production companies. >> they will get these crew members into their stores and also offer themselves as filming locations. >> this bar and grill is one such business. >> we think of it as a way to thank the filmmakers for coming here and perpetuating the artistic draw that san francisco already has. >> reporter: across the street is. >> , one of many offering discounts and minitours say they would like to see the city by the day on san francisco's. >> there are a lot of different things to see. >> it should be in the movies. >> reporter: a major motion
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picture called contagion will be the first nine months. a film called "the right" stars oscar winter anthony hopkins and chose the life of a priest who travels to rome in 2005 to learn how to perform exorcisms. he says he hopes the movie sheds a light on the need for people to have faith. oscar nominations are due out tomorrow morning and tonight we can offer you a look at this razzies and leading the pack, "the twilight saga" and the latest movie earns nine nominations. the films in the worst picture category include the bounty
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hunter, the last airbender, sex and the city 2, and vampires suck. lawmakers are moving to crack down on distracted pedestrians and cyclists. it would've been pedestrians and runners and by his looks -- would ban them from wearing headphones in both ears near roadways. coming up, we will explain how san francisco's new balance in may make you rethink reusing and mark tamayo will tell you
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about 70-degree temperatures on the way. if there is no tv nearby, you can watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer. we are streaming live on the web at
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>> traffic is back to normal tonight. a tree came down this morning
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and blocked a lanes. it took public works crews a few hours to remove the 40-foot tree that fell. no one was hurt and it's not clear what caused the tree to come down. let's talk to meteorologist mark tamayo. >> i updated the numbers and everybody goes up a few more degrees tomorrow. right now i can show you this on live stormtracker 2. you may notice the high clouds on the increase, concentrated in the north bay. temperatures today a good eight to 13 degrees above the average. you can see all of the 60s showing up. we have partly cloudy skies and tomorrow patchy morning fog on the warm side and the extended forecast, the dry weather
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pattern will remain in place. a few high clouds concentrated in northern california into this area of high pressure will continue. those offshore winds and we could have some gusty winds in the east bay. here's our forecast model showing you some clouds from this evening. not a whole lot to show you with partly cloudy skies. we could have some patchy fog for mean in the north bay valleys and also the east bay valleys. in the afternoon nothing but sunshine and a few clouds. here's the forecast. upper 30s to upper 40s and by 12:00 right around 50 to 60 degrees. by 3:00 quite a few 60s and
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even a few 70s out there. san jose at 68 and santa cruz right around 70. here's a look ahead at your five-day forecast, thursday and friday we will cool things off a little bit but the cooling trend kicks and by the weekend. some of san francisco's drinking fountains are going green and will replace them with water refilling stations and allows people to rebuild reusable containers speeds been refilling stations are in place with eight more on tap into the total cost for this project is $37,000. that is our report for tonight. our coverage continues on and k2. "tmz" is up next right here on
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tv 36. have a great night.
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